Plain sauce, same flavor. No chilies - Discontinued.

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You love peri peri, but take the mellow approach to life. You don’t want chilies heating up your mouth and leaving you reaching for glasses of water. You want a milder taste that’s still filled with all the warming goodness of golden paprika, the sweetness of ginger, and vampire-fighting (and heart-helping) qualities of garlic. 


Our delicious plain sauce is made here in South Africa and poured into recyclable glass jars. Not sure what to eat it with? Our incredible customers have come up with hundreds of ideas, including using our plain peri peri sauce as a braaivleis dip, stirring it into pasta to give it a tasty kick, and even eating it with avo and toast. 

Our personal favorite, though? Whack it on slap chips and enjoy a flavorful taste sensation.

    Less heat, same flavor

    Recyclable jar

    A best-seller and Vegan

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