Pink Chilli Sauce - So hot youll glo !

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Introducing the Pink Chilli Sauce - a fiery sensation that's so potent, you'll not just feel the heat, you'll glow from it! With a reputation built on multi-year, international accolades, Vasco Da Gama Peri Peri continues to serve culinary enthusiasts with yet another masterpiece.

Features and Ingredients:

Pure Sunflower Oil Foundation: Our sauce boasts of 100% sunflower oil, providing a sumptuous richness to its overall profile. Red Thai Chilis: Sourced fresh, the long red Thai chilis are the heart and soul of this sauce, ensuring an authentic kick with every drop. Mediterranean Aroma: Delicately dried basil, parsley, and bay leaf introduce a touch of the Mediterranean, making it a global sensation. Zesty Overtones: Fresh garlic, paired with its dried variant, alongside lemon juice and white vinegar, offers a tangy counter to the spice, creating a harmonious dance of flavors. Sweetened Balance: A hint of white sugar harmonizes the heat, ensuring a flavorful balance. Seasoned to Perfection: With fine sea salt and coarse black pepper, every spoonful becomes a flavorful explosion. Silky Consistency: Xanthan gum and instant clear gel bestow a velvety texture upon the sauce, making it as luxurious as it is fiery. Warm Depth: The addition of paprika brings a smoky warmth, enriching the chili's intensity. Full-bodied Flavor: With onion powder and a mix of aromatic herbs, this sauce is nothing short of a flavor powerhouse. Freshness Guaranteed: Our use of potassium sorbate ensures you get a fresh burst of flavor with every serving.

Taste Profile:

Pink Chilli Sauce offers a symphony of tangy, spicy, and slightly sweet notes, ensuring a taste that's unparalleled. A sauce so intense, it promises to make every meal unforgettable.

Serving Suggestions:

A perfect companion for barbecues, stir-fries, or as an exciting dip for appetizers. Add a dash of Pink Chilli Sauce, and transform your dish into an award-winning sensation.

Dive deep into a world of flavors with Vasco Da Gama Peri Peri's Pink Chilli Sauce. Be warned: it's so hot, you'll glow!

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