What is Boerewors? And How To Make it?

Boerewors is a typical South African sausage inspired by an ancient Dutch sausage recipe. The truth is the Afrikaans terms "Boer" (farmer) and "Wors" (sausage) create the basis for the English word "Boerewors," which is often shortened to "Wors" in South Africa. When you mix Vasco Da Gama Peri Peri sauce in the mix...then you'll truly see the good things of life.

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Namibia Biltong - Afrikaans

Biltong...the one thing we all love in South Africa. Either we buy this from the shop or we partake in the traditional hunting of sustainable wild life management. Here is a traditional Namibia recipe in Afrikaans ! The best biltong recipe.

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